1. Introduction

These Terms & Conditions shall specify conditions under which one can book accommodation facilities. Making a booking is unequivocal with accepting provisions of these Terms & Conditions. At the moment of booking, a contract between an Owner of the accommodation facility (RAINBOW APARTMENTS – Grupa NMS Spółka z o.o. – ul. Szeroka 30/4, 31-053 Kraków, NIP (tax ID): 7272796637) and a Client shall be deemed concluded.

  1. Booking with advanced payment
  2. a) booking on the website :

After one fills in and submits a booking form, a preliminary booking is made. To make a booking one shall receive a confirmation from us via phone or e-mail, and pay by transfer an advance payment up to two working days from the day of making a booking in the amount of the payment for the first night stay on the bank account provided on the website in the Contacts tab or give consent to charge a credit card providing its details in order to charge up to agreed amount of money. When money hit on our bank account we can send at Your request an e-mail with all necessary information, which at the same time is a proof of the booking – a voucher. In the case when the above mentioned time passes, and an advance payment does not hit our bank account, a facility reserves a right to cancel a booking, without notifying a Client about it and at the same time to charge a credit card up to an amount of money for the first-night stay or full amount when it is a non-refundable reservation..

  1. b) booking via phone :

While making a booking via phone a Client shall be obliged to provide details on the credit card in order to verify and pre-authorise it. In the case when a guest does not appear in the facility, or when a Client wants to cancel a booking before their arrival, a Client agrees to charge their credit card with a fee in the amount of the first-night stay. A phone booking can be also provided in the manner mentioned in paragraph 2 a).

  1. ‘’Last minute’’ booking

In the case of the ‘’last minute’’ booking in the last three days before an arrival, an advance payment shall be charged via a credit card, or a pre-authorisation is provided and a Client pays a full payment after arrival on the check-in day. The ‘’last minute’’ booking requires a confirmation via phone within 2 hours from the moment of its completion. In the case of the absence of the phone confirmation, it shall be cancelled.

  1. Changes in booking
  2. a) One shall inform about any changes in the booking regarding a number of people, duration of the stay, extending or shortening the stay at least three days before the arrival.
  3. b) The facility may refuse to extend a stay if all accommodation facilities are occupied or if the Client fails to conform to the Terms and Conditions
  4. c) Once an advance payment is made, one is not entitled to its recovery. However, there is a possibility to change a booking time after making a payment of the advance payment under a condition that such a modification is possible and is made minimum 14 days before an original booking date. A modification can be made only in the same facility when preserving the same duration of the stay. Unless a facility expresses a willingness to exchange booking for another facility. In the case of changing the time of booking, one shall cancel an original booking via phone, and then make a new booking. To the amount of money previously agreed for a booking in the case of choosing a new booking in the more expensive season or facility, a surcharge of the difference in the price is required which is payable to the person who delivers keys when making a settlement for the entire stay upon the arrival.
  5. Accommodation and check-out
  6. a) The Client puts their full name in the residence registrations card in person and signs it. At Client’s request, registration personnel are obliged to fill in the remaining data for registration from the ID produced by the Client.
  7. b) One can accommodate from 1:00 p.m. on the day of arrival and shall check-out until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure. It is possible to change a departure time, after prior arrangement with a person responsible for collecting keys. In the case of absence of the possibility to arrive in the previously agrees time, a Client shall be obliged to a prompt notification of the person responsible for delivering keys. A Client shall be obliged to pay an amount determined on the voucher even, for the reasons beyond of control of the facility Owner, an arrival or stay is delayed or shortened (transport difficulties, strikes, and personal reasons).
  8. c) Check-out after 1:00 p.m. necessitates payment for another day’s stay, which the Client acknowledges and accepts.
  9. d) Check-in from 24:00 is subject to an additional fee of 50 PLN , which the Client acknowledges and accepts.
  10. Client’s obligations
  11. a) The number of persons who are to accommodate in the facility is limited to a number specified in the voucher. If such a number of persons exceeds a number specified in the voucher, a person responsible for keys can reject to deliver keys to the facility and a Client shall be obliged to inform the Rainbow Apartments Cracow firm via phone or e-mail about any modifications of this number
  12. b) The accommodation facility may not be made available to third parties not registered in the facility.
  13. c) A client shall be obliged to abide the rules of the good neighbourhood and maintain a facility in the state as it is.
  14. d) A Client shall be also obliged to inform promptly a person responsible for delivering keys about any damages and defects in the existing conditions and to report damages caused by him during a stay.
  15. e) The Client is financially and legally liable for any type of damage or destruction of property and equipment in the accommodation facility caused by the Client or their visitors. If a Client does not inform a facility about damages which occur during his stay, and the Rainbow Apartments Cracow firm finds such damages after his check-out, the Rainbow Apartments Cracow firm is liable to calculate costs proportionally to damages or missing objects, which shall be charged from a Client’s credit card without a necessity to notify a Client about it in advance.
  16. f) Each time when leaving the accommodation facility, the Client should make sure the windows and doors are locked and leave the key with the person responsible for passing on (or receiving) keys or leave it at a location specified by Rainbow Apartments.
  17. g) The Client acknowledges that personal items left by them in the accommodation facility are sent to the address specified by them. If no such instructions are provided, they are stored for one month and then disposed of.
  18. h) Smoking in the accommodation facility is prohibited. In the case of a breach, the Client shall bear the cost of ionization of the accommodation facility (room/apartment) in the amount of PLN 500, which the Client acknowledges and accepts.
  19. Free accommodation for children

A child up to 3 years old (one for two adults), who sleeps with adults or in his own baby bed and does not require bed linen shall be not charged with any accommodation charges. The remaining children shall pay a regular price.

  1. Booking and animals

In our apartments, it is forbidden to accommodate with animals unless a facility expresses a prior written consent. Simultaneously, a Client is solely liable for any prospective damages done by animals and is required to compensate these damages in the manner mentioned in the paragraph 6e.

  1. The occurrence of force majeure

In the case of occurring impossible to expect circumstances or a break-down, an Owner reserves the right to propose a Client a replacement facility similar to the originally booked facility. When an event of the force majeure nature occurs an Owner has a right to cancel a contract. Amounts paid by a Client shall be promptly recovered, with a deduction of the amounts for already provided services.

  1. Governing law

A governing law for any disputes arising out or in connection with this contract between an Owner and a Client is Polish law. The disputes shall be settled by a Court having jurisdiction over a registered office of the Owner of the apartments.

  1. Limited liability

The Owner of the accommodation facility is liable for a loss of or damage to property brought in by persons they provide services to to the extent specified in Articles 846–849 of the Civil Code unless otherwise agreed by the parties.

  1. Personal data protection

The Client hereby consents to have their personal data processed for registration purposes and to have their data stored by the Owner of the facility in databases of the accommodation facility in accordance with the Act of 29.10.1997 on the protection of personal data (Journal of Laws No 133 of 1997, item 883 as amended). The Client may view their personal data, amend it, modify it, and demand that it be removed from facility databases any time.

  1. Availability of the Terms and Conditions

These Terms and Conditions are available at http://www.rainbowapartments.pl and http://www.apartamenty-krakow.com/ and with the person responsible for passing on (or receiving) keys.